Maxteel Form

Maxteel form, a modular suspended concrete slab form system tailor manufactured to fabricate the top and bottom reinforcement from a conventional concrete slab.

Designed to enable the steel deck to support the wet concrete and construction loads for up to 4 meters with no temporary propping. A system designed to save time, money and labour.


  • No temporary propping required for up to 6.0 metre spans.
  • Saves time and money on projects by enabling trades to access the levels below due to the absence of formwork
  • Provides 95% of the steel required in the slab
  • Reduced project costs up to 30%
  • Reduced suspended concrete slab installation by up to 90%
  • Minimal site storage space required

Design compliance

  • Certified Concrete Structures as per AS 3600
  • High quality galvanized iron sheeting with precision welding to the trusses hold the concrete in place during construction
  • Precise location of steel reinforcement within the concrete slabVersatility  
  • Capabilities to work with steel, concrete or pre-cast structures
  • System to suit different slab designs and applications. Also adaptable to existing designsEco-factor
  • Minimizes steel wastage from the tailor-made design
  • Minimizes on-site wastage based on no formwork requirements